Diplomacy is the management of relations between nations. It involves skill; the ability to handle affairs without raising hostility. It takes effort, and a great deal of discipline. [Yelling, name-calling or stating a false accusation is not being diplomatic]

Vindictive behaviour, is a targeted attack with pure vengeance. It happens every time one purposefully inflicts harm on another or prevents someone from achieving their goal. [A bully who takes your lunch won nothing – they simply stole your food]

Governance without diplomacy demonstrated within its own walls that allows vindictive behaviour to be excused or over-looked is opening a door to dictatorship.

Diplomacy used to be common, sadly, it is so rare today that people are surprised when they see it. But that is what makes it so powerful.

One spark of admiration can raise the standard. One can witness diplomacy and be inspired to follow suit. Diplomacy is self-respect and moral judgement in action.

I hope this inspires you

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