The Right Time and Place

I have not had the pleasure of seeing Lin Manuel Mirandes’ phenomenal play, Hamilton, but I did see a special on PBS, showing the making of Hamilton and was completely blown away.

Great work is inspired. And I believe there is a divine hand leading ordinary people to do extraordinary things. And when these inspired people listen to their deepest desire [to write a play about Hamilton] and allow the seeds of their creation to grow with the pure intent to provide betterment for others, then the entire universe will support and help them to succeed.

Like dandelion seeds floating in the wind, I like to think there are ideas floating in the universe. And when one of our thoughts [hopes, dreams, wishes, desires] lines up with one of those seeds, conception occurs.

I watched the American Judicial Hearing yesterday and was inspired by the four professors who so elegantly explained the dream of the Founding Fathers and the reasoning behind the Constitution. Politics can be boring for many, but if you look at it from a perspective of efforts being made to create a better future, it becomes more meaningful.

I can’t help but wonder if Lin’s play about Hamilton was meant to be. Was it a dandelion seed floating in the air waiting to be captured by the right person who was able to use their God-given talents and abilities to shed light on a subject that is needed at this time. I truly believe, Hamilton, arrived at the right time and in the right place. NY – where would be a better place to perform such a play?

Dream big, hope for more, and aim to fulfil your desires – who knows, right now could be your time to create something that will make for a better future.

~ I hope this inspires you

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