Intention is on Trial Today

The trial in the Senate is a battle between Trump’s current and temporary future vs America’s constitutional and permanent future. Today will determine who will put themselves first over their country, or who will put country over themselves.

What drives each and everyone of us to do anything is purely based on our intent. Why do we do what we do? If you want a promotion, will you approach your boss specifically to bad-mouth other employees with the sole intent to make them look bad so you can look good? When you look at it this way you can see the dirty, sneaky aspect of it all. Getting dirt on the Bidens is an example of Trump’s true intent.

Trump’s lawyers’ intent is to save Trump. The House’s intent is to save democracy.

Fighting for the Betterment For All is the mindset required to being a selfless hero. Fighting solely to keep your power is the mindset of a selfish dictator.

May God bless and protect America

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