Nova Scotia Strong

How does one begin to fathom such a tragic event?

If you listen to Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton, you can hear the deep pain of losing a loved one. The agony she expresses is undeniable – but it’s just a song.

This was an event that will never be forgotten.

Like the morning fog that rolls in off the Atlantic, shock has crept in and covered the province with a blanket of pause. Shock helps to numb the pain, cloud the mind and tune out the noise – temporarily. Once the fog lifts, reality slowly seeps in. Clarity of the new now, the new normal, will force many to carry on without their loved ones. How does one begin to plan their future without their loved ones?

It is difficult to truly understand what anyone feels or is going through. Unless we experienced it first-hand, we are disconnected from their personal pain. We can feel a glimpse of their pain if we pause to recall our own. Anyone who has personally experienced a tremendous loss, has compassion. Compassion is a loving understanding; a remembrance of what it feels like to suffer deeply.

This Covid virus, has added another dimension to the families’ grief. Alone is the last place anyone should be while suffering. Community support has pieces of Nova Scotia tartan tied to mailboxes and trees. Others have started Fund Me sites for the families affected by this tragic event. The province may be physically separated, but all Nova Scotian hearts are together in sorrow, praying for better days ahead with more peaceful tomorrows. Stay strong Nova Scotia.

As a footnote; In this age of social media and cyberspace an irony is noticeable. Globally, we are closer than ever. But personally, our relations with family and friends have in many ways grown apart. Don’t get me wrong, there is always contact – a quick call – an email – a snap chat or text, but rarely do our busy schedules include time for a lengthy, in-depth conversation. Later. I’ll do that later.

We are connected to the whole world but are disconnected from the actual ‘relating’ part of our relationships. We need to take the time to express and share our thoughts and feelings, and we need to listen to others in order to understand each other better. That’s what relationships are all about. Communication comes in many forms these days – but unless we get to the heart of any matter – we are not relating with anyone – we are simply greeting each other with idle chatter.

The pain of a tragedy takes years to unfold, and a victim’s story is often retold. The world will move on. New headlines will replace the old, but a victim’s story never grows old. Everyone copes in their own way. Grief has no timeline. If a victim needs to share their grief – let them speak. Put every ounce of compassion you have into focusing on them and listen to their pain. Their story is not for you to compare or share, it’s only said for you to hear.

~ Love and compassion can heal a broken heart

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