Will History Repeat Itself

Claims of ‘incredible’ dishonesty, ‘unbelievable’ voter fraud, ‘ridiculous’ scams and … the list goes on and on. These ideas [made up claims] are being spewed by a man who is the supposed leader of the free world. He sees himself as the ‘ultimate’ victim. Too bad he couldn’t see himself as a leader – after all, he claims weakness is bad; and portraying himself as a victim is ‘tremendously’ weak.

We all speak of the ideas that circulate in our own mind. We use experience as our frame of reference. So, to speak of all these ‘tremendously’ bad things indicates knowledge of them and perhaps even personal experience.

If you are an optimistic person, you fear little and speak of enjoyable experiences in your future. If you are a fearful person, you avoid anything that frightens you and come up with a multitude of criticisms and supposedly rational reasons why something is a bad idea, and who in the past is to blame. But if you are a risk-taker who has scraped and clawed your way to the top by mowing over ‘incredible’ people and jumping through ‘tremendous’ loop holes – you may try to, once again, manipulate [or threaten] other people into thinking what you want, or rather, need them to think, in order to get what you want.

Recent history showed that; having Bannon as one of the masterminds of ‘how to get to the heart of America by stirring primal fear and pitting everyone against one another so Trump can swoop in to the rescue’. And having Manafort as the pole guy, who distributed data off to the underground to target innocent Americans who’s minds were being polluted with ‘fake news’ causing riots intended to distract everyone from the truth and increase the great divide. And having Jarred as the back-door guy making deals before the inauguration. And having Cohen who could easily set up a false company to funnel money ‘legally’ and force women to remain silent by bribing them with hush money. And having a cable channel, and several podcast radio shows willing and able to spread conspiracy theories to promote more hatred focused on generating an even larger divide. And being able to partner with a tabloid to feed them ‘fake news’ on your opponent and shelf incriminating stories about yourself – all adds up to a sneaky, crooked campaign focused NOT on what is good for American, but only, what is good for one man to win an election – no matter what.

Knowing all of this crookedness is actually possible, you would easily be suspicious of what other people are doing. But this crooked way of plotting, planning and scheming only happens in HIS world – in HIS mind – in HIS corrupt circle of friends-for-now-until-he-no-longer-needs-them. The majority of America doesn’t think the crooked, sneaky, conniving, manipulative way he does. Every accusation he places on others – he has experienced himself. This blaming others for his own thinking is a very perverted thought process. This is the old; ‘I feel bad so I blame you for how I feel.’

So who will be the fall guys this fall? Who will line up to do Trump’s bidding? Who will navigate the system to create more doubt and fear? Will any of these new-comers look back on history and recognize the ‘tremendous’ jeopardy being placed on their status and reputation? Are they willing to take on a role that could possibly put them in jail – who is willing to destroy their reputation for the success of another person?

Where are Trump’s tax returns? He promised to provide them before the last election. Instead of simply handing them over, he has gone through great lengths, ‘tremendous’ lengths tying up the courts to prevent you from seeing them. Why aren’t the costs of his visits to Mar-A-Largo not going to be released until after the election? There are many questions – and America deserves better answers than … ‘many people said,’ – ‘it’s tremendous, unbelievable, really.’ – ‘the likes to which you have never seen before,’ – ‘that’s fake news, you’re fake news,’ – ‘it’s not for me to say,’ – ‘I’ve never heard of him, I don’t know what you are talking about,’ – ‘oh, it’s gonna happen, we have great people working on it, you’ll hear more about it later, it’s going to be great,’ – ‘I will make an announcement about that next week,’ – ‘you just wait, all will be revealed,’ – ‘it’s incredible how far we have come,’ – ‘we are making big strides,’ – ‘no one has ever done this before,’ – ‘I call it a super-duper … ‘

America deserves specific details not fluffy propaganda. America’s founding fathers had a dream and at it’s core was democracy voted on by the people and for the people. They created a set of Laws, rules and regulations that form the constitution which was designed to maintain the freedom they worked so hard to create. But Trump is trying to erase the constitution one paragraph at a time.

And speaking of rules and regulations, this is something that needs to be addressed, everyday people have everyday issues, [equality, health, education, roads, rent, insurance, the list goes on] these issues are conveyed to their local representatives, who in-turn brings these issues to the House, where all the representatives will have an opportunity to discuss the issue(s) in great detail.

After several House debates the formal complaint, proposition, or issue, is fine-tuned and written up as an official Bill. The Bill is then presented in the House and voted on. If the Bill is passed it moves on to the Senate, where the Bill has an opportunity to become Law.

These new Laws-in-waiting, so to speak are piling up. What are they waiting for? The President’s signature. There are over 300 Bills waiting to become a Law that are gathering dust on the leader of the Senate’s desk, Mitch McConnell. He won’t take them to the President to sign for two reasons. 1. The President doesn’t want the House of Representatives to look good [it’s better for the President to call the House “Do-Nothings” which is ‘fake news’ because they have bi-partisan-ly done a lot – over 300 to be precise] and 2. Mitch knows the President won’t sign them! So if the government is for the people – why aren’t they passing the Peoples’ Laws? The President and the Leader of the Senate are putting their own personal preferences above The Peoples’ concerns. This is very concerning. And while the Bills are being ignored, the People continue to struggle and their fears continue to increase.

And fear is what is at the core of the Great Divide. And this divisiveness has so many intangible mechanisms holding everyone at odds. It’s difficult to pinpoint and even harder to fix when what is broken is an invisible thread that used to hold everyone together like a blanket of decency woven to unite the fabric of America. It may sound corny, but it’s true.

The divide has spread into the homes and hearts of everyone – the fear of not being right – the fear of losing your way of life – the fear of fearing the fear of fear. Fear makes everyone feel threatened. And fear has resurrected our primal instinct to fight back – to attack ‘them’ before ‘they’ attack me. The ‘we’ vs. ‘they,’ the ‘us’ vs. ‘them.’ Trump has taught the world how to play the victim. It’s time to be practical and not paranoid. It’s time to listen before suspiciously resisting and over-reacting.

Fear is the opposite of trust.
Without trust, it’s difficult to love.
Without love, there is only hate.
And peace cannot be found as long as hatred resides in our hearts.

If each of us resorts to anger, name-calling and threats when trying to make a statement – we are not involved in an intellectual conversation – we are spewing more hatred and widening the divide. We are responding personally not professionally.

The election is approaching – don’t fall for foolishness – stand up for your fore-fathers, and let their voices be heard as you vote for your future.

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