Minnesota Burning

A knee to the neck was not the match that started the fires in Minnesota. Embers from injustice have been steadily sparking-up since the 1960’s and going as far back as the 1690’s. But a foot in the mouth during a press conference certainly fuelled the flame.

We all need to stop – take a step back – and take a deep breath for George FLoyd.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., believed in peaceful protests. He had an incredible gift. He was able to speak the language of the soul. His message was clear. His words were easily understood. They still resonate with us because he succeeded in his mission which was intended to provide knowledge to those who didn’t understand. He was an educator. He provoked the world. He broadened our perspective. This is what we need now. Words.

Words matter. The world needs to hear words that will alter the perspectives of the people who don’t understand. There is a comprehension disconnection preventing some people from grasping the social issues of the black culture.

Only affluent speakers should step up to the mic. Only positive role models should step into the situation. And only poignant words should be tweeted right now.

We all comprehend, understand, get, or grasp concepts and ideas in different ways. Some people have to experience it to believe it. Some people need to verify it from a higher source. Some people have no beliefs of their own and rely on what they were taught by their parents, their peers, or people in their community.

Pictures don’t require words. Images of a city burning distracts from the message and further justifies those who are comfortable with having racist beliefs.

If your thoughts regarding Minnesota’s Burning makes you feel uncomfortable, then take a moment and simply accept that. Accept that you feel some resistance, whether it is based in the fear of the unknown, or the fear of change. Acceptance is the first step to a greater understanding.

Resistance keeps us from moving forward. Resistance causes us to avoid, or dismiss something as not being important or valuable. Our resistance can cause us to conclude that this is not worth our consideration. Or perhaps our resistance is too uncomfortable to acknowledge.

If we don’t acknowledge what makes us uncomfortable ~ we can’t change it. But change is gonna come ~ it’s already here ~ it’s been swept under every rug around the world. Small dust particles are released every time someone crosses the threshold.

Regardless of the situation, if an injustice occurs we all take part. We all make a choice. We either turn away and ignore it [dismissive],
watch from afar and do nothing [dis-concerned / disconnected],
step in and take control [authoritative] or
feel obliged and motivated to promote change [righteousness = doing what’s right]

Where do you stand? What do you believe? Where do we go from here?

Robbing the stores robbed Minnesota from a moment in history where change was on the brink of coming. But the fires have changed the conversation.

To the citizens of Minnesota. Get back on topic. Stand up for George Floyd. Line the streets with wreaths for every victim who has faced injustice. Gather [six feet apart] in peace. Revive and recite the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., so you can spread the message to all corners of the world. Create visuals that will gives others a better understanding. Find your words and let your voices be heard.

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