Pollyanna’s World

Oh to live in a world where beauty, peace and harmony surrounds me every day. To awaken in a place where the sun is always shining and the birds are always singing. What a wonderful world that would be.

This dreamy-hope filled-wish for a wonderful life makes me and many others turn a blind eye to the happenings going on around us. Another power bill ~ don’t open it. Turn the channel that’s depressing ~ these things bring feelings of dread and conflict with our desire to feel content.

Ignoring what is happening in our lives is not aiming to live a happy life, it’s avoiding life. Merely wanting a fantastical life to suddenly appear all wrapped up with a beautiful bow is unrealistic ~ even Amazon can’t deliver that!

Oh, but what if I had a magic wand that could sprinkle pixie dust of pleasantries and joyfulness all over the earth. What a wonderful world that would be.

No, I think it’s time I and many others have to realize that Pollyanna’s World doesn’t exit. It’s only a dream. A fantastic wish that let’s us escape from reality.

We all wish for great things to happen in our lives. But wishing isn’t doing. Wanting isn’t getting. Change doesn’t happen until we decide to take that first step.

Step one; Avoid avoidance; open your bills – pay what you can and contact those you can’t. A sense of relieve will wash over you – this is one added pressure that will be lifted the moment you hang up the phone.

Step two; Don’t flip the channel; mute it and listen to your thoughts. Find out why you don’t want to see what’s happening on the news. Who knows, you may have a solution to the world’s problems ~ stillness and silence has provided sound advice to thousands of people around the world.

Step three; Acceptance; you are not as content as you would like to be. No one is. Find one thing you can change within your daily routine ~ start walking; clean out a closet; start a new hobbie – something you always wanted to do. These little things will re-awaken enthusiasm; the inherent spark that allows energy to pour into our veins and birth new life, and new purpose within us.

Step four; Step outside your comfort zone; go outside your circle; join a group; let yourself be interested in other people and cultures rather than trying to be interesting. You will soon realize the world outside your circle can be ‘comfortable’ once you allow yourself to be familiar with it.

Experiencing something new is magnificently revealing. It’s learning through living. We aren’t simply seeing something on tv or hearing something on the radio, we are tuned in and completely involved. All of our senses are awake while something new is happening all around us. Experience is our greatest teacher – it changes our view and helps us to see things differently. It alters our narrow-minded opinion into a much broader perspective that is based on knowledge and wisdom. Experience builds character and improves our lives. Mere opinions keep us sheltered in a world of constant complaints and non-factual criticisms. Remember the old saying; You will never truly know … until you try it. Listen to complaints – are the views based on a story from an actual experience or are they based in the fear of the unknown?

Step five; Find your passion; you had a vision of Pollyanna’s World – that’s your ideal – so how would you [if you could] create this world for everyone to experience? What makes it impossible? What is stopping you? What or who is in the way? Corona virus? Racial tension? If you were to pick one of these as your cause for social betterment, what natural talents and abilities do you have that could help eradicate one of these or both? What solution could you possibly imagine?

Betterment for all should always be our ideal wish, but we tend to get wrapped up in our own issues. Most of us feel helpless. Most of us wish all the bad stuff would go away. Few people feel they have anything to offer. But together we can change the world.

Whatever choice you make, what ever path you choose, you will naturally [seemingly magically] meet others with the same mind set, wish, and goals. This is our spirit who is magnetically connected to others who have the same hopes and dreams in mind. We are drawn to each other like magnets. We are never alone when we step out intending to help heal the world.

You and I are not worlds apart in our thoughts. Collectively we have all wished for a better world. Few realize that our wish has been granted. The universe has presented us with a gift “Here ya go, this is what you all wished for.” But the box was not presented in a beautiful package. It was split at the seams and has busted wide open before any of us were able to peak inside. It may not be what was expected and it certainly is messy. It’s in a trillions pieces scattered all across the world and there was no instruction manual enclosed.

A decision has been placed before us. We could avoid the task of trying to put this puzzle together, or we could attempt to stuff everything back in the box [even though we know it will never go back in the same way] and put it away so we can deal with it ‘later’.

How badly do we want a better world? How much effort are we willing to put in? My uncle always told me, “The amount of effort you put in will show in the result ~ effort in = result. No effort ~ no result. And a ‘good enough’ attitude just isn’t good enough.”

So here is my platform and this is my effort to assist [hopefully] and partake in the Black Lives Matter movement.

We’ve heard a lot of talk about “Privilege” lately. A term many people feel offended by or possibly don’t understand. Privilege to me is having so much money you don’t have to worry about paying bills. Privilege is not having to work for a living. Privilege is not having to do housework because someone else does it for you. Privilege is being able to board an air plane and travel at your leisure. The only “privileged” people I know of are those of the rich and famous. When 90% of the world is struggling to pay bills and are living paycheck to paycheck feeling “privileged” doesn’t come to mind.

I think what is meant by the term ‘privileged’ is; the ability to walk out your door and not feel threatened by society or immediately labelled with the assumption of being bad; a potential problem; or an endangerment to others, and; the ability to apply for a job and the chance of you getting that job is greater if you are white, and; applying for a loan at a bank to buy a house or a car for your family and not be rejected on the suspicion that you won’t pay back the loan. I see an automatic distrust as a common theme and that is racist.

It certainly is a privilege to be assumed or labelled as being trustworthy and thereby able to do these things without fear or concern. Although I know a lot of white people who I don’t trust as far as I could throw them – and Trump is at the top of that list.

Living worlds apart we have created our own social circles and have lost touch with reality. We don’t see how people outside our circles live and what they struggle with. Every household has a different struggle. The Hendersons have money issues, the Jacobsons have business issues, the Smiths are dealing with divorce and somebody has to do something with the Coles, those kids have no respect for other peoples’ property…

But what if every family on the block had the same issue? What if every member of every family were all sick from contaminated water? Someone would have to come in and fix it immediately.

Let’s extend past one city block and look at the entire black society.

What if every black family had to deal with; the inability to walk out their door without feeling threatened by society; or immediately labelled with the assumption of being bad; a potential problem; or an endangerment to others, and; what if every black family was unable to apply for a job because they were rejected the minute they asked to fill out an application, and; who were rejected by multiple banks on the suspicion that the loan wouldn’t be repaid? Here we have a blatant and unapologetic distrust aimed at one group of people which in any dictionary is labelled as, Racism.

Welcome to the real world. Is this how you dreamed your world would turn out?

Oh, but if you were living in Pollyanna’s World, you wouldn’t want to acknowledge these problems exit. Oh what a wonderful world that must be.

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