Curve the Enthusiasm

To limit the spread of the Corona Virus, Canadians restricted their movements. ONE designated shopper was assigned by each household to go out ONLY for essentials. Hair and nail appointments are not essential. Gathering in bars is not essential. Political Rallies are only essential to one person; the candidate.

Yes, EVERYONE wants to get out and enjoy the summer – but wants and needs are two different things. What is needed in the states is for everyone to make small sacrifices and do their part by only going out if it is necessary.

Many Canadian Businesses were able to stay open by limiting the number of people in their stores. Stores designated an hour or two in the morning for Senior Citizens to shop alone. Most restaurants were able to stay open by offering take out only.

Many Canadian Businesses allowed their employees to work from home – and many are still working from home now.

As the curve slowly began to drop “bubbles” were allowed. Two households could meet outside but must keep their distance. You were not permitted to socialize outside your bubble. As the curve continued to drop “bubbles” were increased to 10 people and then 15. No one was supposed to have multiple bubbles. Those 10/15 people were it. As the curve dropped more, the number of people increased to 25 then a maximum of 50 outdoors – but not indoors. No indoor events were allowed. That’s just common sense.

This is a time to get creative with your business. Find new ways of ‘doing business’. The old way of opening your doors to the public is not wise in the middle of a pandemic. You can’t “Liberate your States” by allowing the virus to spread more easily. This will actually confine a lot of people to hospitals.

The economy will return – it always does – and what good is a healthy economy when everybody is sick and no one is able to work, or shop. Nothing will stop the virus from spreading other than everyone making an effort to actually stop the virus from spreading.

Rallies in February, [and June and July] and Florida’s Spring Break were cesspools for the virus to spread. I get it, priorities were key. The President wanted to get his campaign going – that was his only concern and Florida didn’t want to miss out on the HUGE tourist attraction that brings tons of money into Florida every year. But this is where individual WANTS overrode the public NEEDS. A responsible consideration should have been explored. One question should have been the priority; What is a pandemic and who does it affect? Knowing the answer to this question – would have saved a lot of businesses from shutting down, a lot of employees from losing their jobs, a lot of families from losing their homes, and many lives could have been saved.

Before schools are “liberated” and opened for business – consider what most teachers and parents of young children know – EVERY fall, multitudes of children bring home a cold from school, lice from school, or a flu bug from school and it travels throughout the entire household. No one knows how ‘immune’ children are to covid because children have been home all summer. Ask a simple question; How can we prevent the virus from spreading in the schools? Answer this question effectively before you open doors.

The main focus has to be stopping the virus before you can focus on re-starting the economy.

To every business struggling right now consider this – there are millions of unemployed people looking for work. Eager to find a job. Hook up with each other. You may not be able to pay them now – but be creative – work on consignment – if their ideas sell – pay them their fair share. Take pictures of your inventory, catalogue everything and post them online. Hire drivers to deliver your goods so customers don’t have to shop in-store. Ban together with other businesses and strategize – come up with a new business plan – many people would want to participate in the rebuilding of the economy.

If you are unemployed and are looking for work – NOW IS YOUR TIME! Get excited about your future. Prospects may look grim right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t pave your own road ahead. You have a natural talent – everybody does – what comes easy to you? Create HOW TO videos and upload them on Youtube. Are you able to sing, draw, build, design, do machine work, home-care, cook, write? You have something that others don’t. You could be their inspiration. Are you willing to share your talent? You are capable of something – what is it? BUILD ON IT. Ask yourself “How would I want to spend my days? If I had the ultimate job, what would it be?” Don’t stop there. Keep asking yourself questions. “What could I start doing right this second that would put my natural talents and abilities to use?” You don’t need money. You don’t need an office. All you need is a little courage to OFFER YOUR SERVICES to someone.

Good luck – wear a mask and I’ll keep praying for ya

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