Painting Portraits

Words form images. We all like to paint a picture of ourselves, and others, for everyone to see. We carefully guide each stroke and then blend the colours to a muddy perfection. We speak proudly of our accomplishments, exaggerating all the fine points and hide what we don’t want seen in the shadows. Though we take great strides to highlight others’ failures. How is it that we can’t seem to see that our desire to persuade everyone to see only the pretty picture tilts the frame to such a degree that it teeters on the edge of falling.

When we put ourselves up on pedestals there is no where to go but down. There is an old saying; those who put themselves first will be last, and those who put themselves last, will be first.

Congressman John Lewis has been raised up and placed on a pedestal. It’s a reward for his life-time effort to bring equality to the nations. His voice will echo in our minds. His beliefs will be written in our hearts. And his legacy will last forever. He was a man of action. He lived what he spoke. His life, and his message has inspired the world.

Actions speak louder than words. Mere words can promise you the world, they can threaten you, and they can deceive you. Painting pretty pictures with promising words only lasts as long as the image can be held in the mind of others.

Sitting high on a self-made pedestal boasting of greatness that has not been achieved is a false image that is slowly withering away from the minds of many.

John Lewis grew up being pushed and shoved to the back while Donald Trump pushed and shoved his way to the front. Some are busy trying to remove Trump from his self-made pedestal, but most of us have turned our backs to focus our attention on raising up a man of honour, a man of dignity, a man of substance, a man who worked for the people, a man who was raised to stay out of trouble but knew how to get into Good Trouble.

God rest your soul John Lewis. Your words will stay with me always and they will help me to try to do better.

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