Meeting Others’ Needs

Meeting the needs of others can be a difficult task. Every parent tries to provide their best for their children, but unfortunately not all family members are ever completely satisfied. Someone’s needs, (from the perspective of the one in need) are ignored. Let’s expand the needs of one to the needs of a particular family – they may approach their city official for assistance and nine times out of ten, they are redirected to unreachable contacts. From a Mayor’s perspective, more times than not, meeting an individual family’s needs is next to impossible.

Being a Mayor involves broad decisions that are not going to satisfy many individuals.

Being a Governor involves broad decisions that are not going to satisfy many Mayors.

Being the current President of the United States involves decisions that are not meant to satisfy anyone but himself because his needs are more important than yours.

His ‘tremendous’ need to make the pandemic go away was his ‘ingenious’ reasoning behind stopping the daily briefings from his Task Force. This is an interesting theory; let’s try ignoring it, and then maybe it will simply go away. Oops, nope. The virus continues to spread ‘the likes to which no one has ever seen before.’

With the virus spreading and the death tole climbing the President desperately needs to inspire everyone. He doesn’t want to be reminded of a dreadful thing that needs his attention. He’s interested in others things such as creating a new narrative ~ ‘Liberate your cities! Open your schools,’ [because it’s imperative to my re-election that we bring the economy back before November.]

But still, the virus spreads. Unable to hold rallies, missing his audience and needing their attention and praise, the President decides to start holding briefings again. Yeah. Wait, what, where is the Task Force? Where are the charts? The stats? The facts?

Shh, here he comes. Standing at the podium he rhymes off numbers boasting of how this is ‘more than any other country has ever done before’ and then whines and complains, ‘Why doesn’t anybody like me?’

Someone needs to explain what NEEDS are all about. During a crisis, such as a pandemic, his needs are to be set aside so he can focus on meeting his country’s needs – that is what a president is supposed to do ~ duh.

Think about it, people are dying. Grandparents are dying in nursing homes and hospitals. Fathers and Mothers are entering hospitals and not coming out. Doctors and medical staff are dying. Parents are burying their children. Millions have lost their jobs. Thousands have shut down their businesses. And while the great majority of Americans are in great need mourning the loss of their loved ones, You, Mr. President want them to put their grievances aside and announce that they like you!

Mr. President, America doesn’t want or need a needy man at the helm – they need a leader. With your needs not being met you feel neglected, ignored, and victimized. You are too busy feeling sorry for yourself to care about others. America needs a provider, someone who is going to meet their needs.

If you don’t want to do your job step down and put Mitt Romney’s name on the ticket.

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