Experience is Key

Two days prior to hurricane Isaias making landfall along Florida’s east coast, the President of the United States issued a state of emergency and the Florida Governor began the proper procedures for evacuation possibilities and shelter arrangements. The Governor stood at the podium with a no-nonsense serious tone and a professional-in-control attitude. BRAVO!

Why the urgency? Why the serious tone? Both the president and the governor have experienced hurricanes before and are aware of what immediate actions are required. They were on top of it – two days before it hit – they were organized and precise. They followed precautionary protocol and previous mandates that would protect and possibly save Floridians from the hurricane.

Use this for an example as to why people with pandemic experience should be the ones to lead and the ones who decide what mandates and procedures are essential during a global pandemic. And why those with no pandemic experience should heed their advice.

Non-experienced officials should always follow the lead of the experienced experts. Period. It is vital that we trust those who actually experienced a pandemic before – they’ve been through it – they’ve stopped other crisis in the past – they know what to do.

Stepping in to a field where you have zero expertise and zero experience will only cause more problems. A true leader knows when to put his pride aside, step back and allow the professionals, who have the experience, to lead them out of a crisis.

Discernment. We need to pay attention. We need to be able to know the difference between some one who knows what they are doing vs someone who is just ‘winging it’ – look back at Florida’s governor as he stood at the podium warning of in-coming hurricane. Listen to his words. See his confidence. A leader, a commander, stood at the podium that day. Now look back during the Spring Break and the weeks that followed when businesses began to re-open in Florida – that was not a leader speaking to the press – that was someone who was winging it – he allowed his pride to get in his way. His focus was on the economy. He was not focused on protecting Floridians from the pandemic storm that was about to hit. He arrogantly ignored the warnings.

Pride is an impediment during a pandemic. The world needs to listen to the true leaders, commanders, and experts on viruses who have YOUR SAFETY in mind – but more importantly – the rest of the world needs to follow the experts’ recommendations.

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