Paddling Upstream

Paddling against the current gets you Nowhere, fast.

When the desire is strong, tunnel vision strengthens the will to over-power the ‘current’ situation. Determined to overcome the challenge, beat the odds, and win the battle, only exerts excessive energy that is no match to the force that resists all efforts. And the longer the struggle, the greater the chance of capsizing the canoe. [Hope you’re wearing a life-jacket.]

Paddling upstream seems to be the preferred choice for most leaders. They continue to stubbornly aim for their own personal goals that dramatically affects the masses. This is not an effective way to govern.

We are in a pandemic – a global pandemic – this is a time to stop and think effectively – not strive against the natural force of a virus. Or worse, deny it exists. This is a time to work together – it has to be a team effort. We all have to be on the same page in pursuit of the same goal; to eradicate the virus, not pursue personal goals. Being bored; sitting at home wishing you could travel, party, or gather with friends, is better than being in the hospital on a ventilator, or worse, dead.

What good is an economy if no one has a job? What good is a school if there aren’t any teachers who want to teach? What good is a hospital if we don’t have doctors or the proper medical equipment that is required during a pandemic?

If you own a business, find a way to operate without having multitudes of people walking through your doors. Give your employees incentive – allow them to be creative with new ways of doing business. Offer commissions. Offer bonuses. A business can’t run itself. Your staff is relying on you as much as you rely on them.

And if you are a CEO of restaurant chain and have stopped buying the products from the farmers you contracted to provide your meat, vegetables and dairy products – break the contract – allow those farmers to sell their beef, their grains and their milk to local vendors instead of forcing them to dispose of it because they are not allowed to sell to anyone but You. You didn’t buy it – let them sell it. There are people who are hungry and you are forcing farmers to pour out their milk!! Shame on you.

If you are a Principal of a school, or a Dean of a college or university, consider this; School Concerts – School Plays / Recitals – Code Red – Fire Drills – Schools have effectively coordinated programs before – it’s time to prepare another. Teachers lead students single file from the classroom to the auditorium during performances. And Teachers lead students single file outdoors during a fire drill. START TREATING THIS VIRUS LIKE A FIRE DRILL! Stay alert at all times and be prepared to act. Any school who opens their doors during a pandemic is inviting the virus to spread.

If you are a political leader, Health Care is not your forté. Get out of the canoe because you don’t know how to paddle in these waters. Your efforts have placed a greater burden on the struggle. And it is affecting all of us. Know when to give the paddle to someone who is actually qualified to get you safely to the shore.

What you do affects me. What I do affects you. Paddling upstream is getting us Nowhere, fast. We have to work together before we all tip the canoe. And if we refuse to wear a life-jacket [mask] because we feel it is a hindrance in our struggle to get upstream, we are all sure to drown.

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