March on Washington

Imagine the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman reciting this to you. [I have to ask you to imagine his voice because I wouldn’t know how to contact him – lol]

May the words of both Martin Luther King Jr., and Congressman John Lewis, echo in our minds and remain written in our hearts.

Recent news has been filled with doom and gloom. And for this reason, I will continue to pray for peace and ask that we celebrate the lives of black men and women all around the world who have shared their gifts of oral speech, teaching, music, literary, sports, poetry, philosophy, dance, art, architecture, journalism, fashion, cooking, interior design, glass-making, pottery, radio broadcasting, medicine, judiciary, film, photography, and so much more. Let’s honour those and show our respect for every black hero who has served their country in the various departments of police, fire, military, first aide and rescue.

There is one bad story to every ten thousand good stories. One bad apple does not taint the whole tree. If you live outside the big cities and have very little contact with people of other races do not believe the few news segments is representative of daily life. Instead, consider all the people of colour you have invited into your living rooms over the years. These are people we all admire, appreciate and thoroughly enjoy. And if given the chance – would want to meet. Don’t let ‘the great divide’ taint your heart.

Regardless of the various fields people specialize in, ie; entertainment industry or sports; morals, values, principals and standards are at the core of us all. We all speak out when we are hurting inside. Out-spoken-ness about what one believes in, should not be silenced because others feel it is outside their specific field of expertise.

LIFE, is the one thing we all have to live through. And, in this field, in which we play, we are all amateurs.

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