Heads Up!

“Chin up.” Is an old expression adults would say to kids who were feeling sad or disappointed. It was an attempt to lift the child’s spirit out from their misery.

Likewise, “Put your head down!” teachers would say when they wanted a child to focus on their work.

Heads up vs heads down. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Lately I find myself having to tell myself to, “Get to work! Focus! The job won’t finish itself.” [ I sound like my old cranky teacher. ]

I am easily distracted. Always have been. I like to look around and observe things. And I have noticed, I really enjoy thinking about what I have observed and am eager to comment on it. This is great for starting a conversation, but having my head up looking around all the time is not so good when I have projects that need my attention.

I know when I do put my head down and focus solely on the work at hand, I can accomplish things and feel a sense of satisfaction.

I also know, having our heads down all the time can narrow our vision. We don’t see much beyond our own work, or our own thoughts. Constantly keeping our heads down while sitting at our desk can lead to a dissatisfied humdrum state of existence.

I spent an entire year with my head down. My father passed away when I was a teenager. I recall the ‘woe is me’ feelings. Most of those days I was in my room with my head down having no interest in anyone or anything – it was a dark time. “Chin up!” was not what I wanted to hear.

It took some time, but I eventually started to live a normal life again. I grew tired of that closed off feeling of sadness – I was eager to feel joy and appreciation.

The isolation of Covid has reminded me of those dark days.

I think we all need a little time with our heads down to feel and acknowledge our pain, sorrow, and sadness, so we can take the time we need to heal before we can focus on the things we want to accomplish.

And we all need a little time with our heads up optimistically looking around to refresh our stale point of view so we can leisurely enjoy and appreciate the newness of the day and the people around us before getting back to work.

Here’s hoping your days allow you to see amazing sights when you look up, and I hope your work brings you satisfaction when you look down [or possibly up] at what you have accomplished.

~ Cheers

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