Shared Experiences

One event with multiple people can produce countless views and very different opinions. A sporting event, a concert, or an annual community picnic can elicit the same amount of complaints as praise.

A family wedding can stir up gossip, hearsay and a few drunk relatives who somehow believe their loud words can’t be heard.

Unfortunately, the bigger the crowd, the greater the chance the overall experience is described more with grievances than appreciation.

How can such a beautiful wedding, with delicious food and gorgeous decorations become a toxic environment?

Recalling events I try to remember more of the good than the bad, because I would rather remember the occasion as beautiful and not ugly. During my recollections I began thinking of all my one-on-one experiences I have shared with total strangers. Like the time I stepped out from the mall and found my car was covered with a blanket of snow!

As I began clearing my windows with my jacket sleeve a few other surprised shoppers arrived at their cars that were parked close to mine. We all chuckled as we tried our best to clean off our cars. One remarked, “Who ordered this? It’s only November.” The other replied, “Ya, it’s not supposed to snow yet! Who the hell’s been praying for snow?”

These words the others spoke clearly sound disgruntled, but I can assure you, they were said with a playful tone, a pleasant attitude and were accompanied with infectious laughter.

Before any of us left the parking lot we checked with one another to see if anyone needed a hand, then we bid our farewells and wished one another a safe trip home. This was a ‘shared experience’ I will never forget, yet I have no idea who these people were.

We had plenty of reason to complain. None of us were prepared. We were all under dressed and were wearing inadequate footwear. We were cold, wet, and caught off guard – yet together, we made it an enjoyable moment.

I hope you get the chance to share joyful and memorable experiences that you too can cherish forever.

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