Shared Experiences

One event with multiple people can produce countless views and very different opinions. A sporting event, a concert, or an annual community picnic can elicit the same amount of complaints as praise. A family wedding can stir up gossip, hearsay and a few drunk relatives who somehow believe their loud words can’t be heard. Unfortunately,Continue reading “Shared Experiences”

Flexing My Muscles

Trying new things seems to get harder with age, especially when it comes to high-tech gadgets and gizmos. But I knew I had to bite the bullet sometime. And late, is better than never. Since March 2020, Covid has prevented me [understandably] from going into the schools to promote my books. I patiently waited overContinue reading “Flexing My Muscles”

Heads Up!

“Chin up.” Is an old expression adults would say to kids who were feeling sad or disappointed. It was an attempt to lift the child’s spirit out from their misery. Likewise, “Put your head down!” teachers would say when they wanted a child to focus on their work. Heads up vs heads down. There areContinue reading “Heads Up!”


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About Me

All roads led me here. I started out as a product illustrator, then a graphic artist, then into classical animation before becoming a stay-at-home Mom. After 20 years of cartooning I finally did what many people say they want to do but never actually get around to doing it – I wrote and published a children’s book!

Did You Call For Me? is a fun and humourous read with lots of rhythm, rhymes and adorable characters. It is an ideal pick-me-up that is sure to turn any child’s frown upside down.

Did You Call For Me?
is available on

Dinner Theatre Scripts

Interested in puttin’ on a show?
I have been involved in dinner theatre since 2008. In 2010 I wrote my first 20 minute skit; Living in the Boonies, for a private function ~ it was well received. [And hard to believe that I was the entertainment for the night!] Since then I have written six more comedies;
Welcome to Corridornia
The Next Big Star
Seniority Rules
Mrs. O’Lander’s Brew
A Royal Heist, and
The Oak Island Mystery

All plays are approximately an hour in length and are divided into three acts to allow for a three course meal to be served by the players. Most evenings run about 2 – 2 1/2 hours.

To inquire about scripts email

Short Story

Forever Green is a fictional story set in the palliative care unit in the Camphill hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the 1990’s, and is centered around a patient who survived the Halifax Explosion.

Forever Green is available on

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