A World Without Trump

The world will not be better off without Trump. The divisiveness is in need of a hero and only one man can be that hero – Donald J. Trump. The impeachment is likely to happen. Many will be relieved, and many will be upset. Immediately following, Mr. Trump should address the world from his ovalContinue reading “A World Without Trump”

Living In and Loving The Moment

Flipping through channels the other night I came across Garth Brooks wiping tears from his eyes. Being curious I had to tune in. His story captivated me. We assume successful people get lucky breaks. But no one arrives at the top of their game without first pursuing their dream. And Garth had a wonderful dream.Continue reading “Living In and Loving The Moment”

The Right Time and Place

I have not had the pleasure of seeing Lin Manuel Mirandes’ phenomenal play, Hamilton, but I did see a special on PBS, showing the making of Hamilton and was completely blown away. Great work is inspired. And I believe there is a divine hand leading ordinary people to do extraordinary things. And when these inspiredContinue reading “The Right Time and Place”

The Perfect Role

Seeing the trailer for Tom Hank’s new movie where he portrays Mr. Rogers, was truly nostalgic. To say, “I am looking forward to seeing it,” is an understatement. He is the perfect actor for this role. It made me wonder, if there was a movie about my life, who would play me? Perhaps the moreContinue reading “The Perfect Role”


Diplomacy is the management of relations between nations. It involves skill; the ability to handle affairs without raising hostility. It takes effort, and a great deal of discipline. [Yelling, name-calling or stating a false accusation is not being diplomatic] Vindictive behaviour, is a targeted attack with pure vengeance. It happens every time one purposefully inflictsContinue reading “Diplomacy”