Weather Permitting

Whether or not I am right about this, I am going to try it anyways! Something tells me Spring weather will arrive before the Spring season officially starts.

The weather has been so unpredictable these last few years. Whenever I tried to grow a few vegetables my hopes were often crushed by the results.

One summer was too wet. Another too dry. Last year I built a greenhouse hoping to control the amount of water my vegetables received – this did bring better results. However, I think my timing was off.

Starting seeds indoors in little pods in late March or early April was always the norm for me. I would transplant them after the last full moon in June which supposedly promises no more frost until the fall.

The summer of 2022 I had little beans, green peppers, and tomatoes growing – but unfortunately my seedlings never amounted to much. They seemed stunted as if they had no intention of growing beyond their seedling stage. Then, to my surprise, in late summer or rather early fall my tomatoes started to flower and weeks later a few tiny, pea-size, green peppers appeared. Under the protection of my crude greenhouse [a simple A-frame with plastic draped over it] they continued to grow well into winter. By late November I was hastily plucking mid-sized tomatoes before the hurricane arrived. Perhaps they prefer the colder weather.

I tried to experiment with strawberries last year as well. I quartered a few berries and stuck them in pots. Something grew by the end of the summer but I can’t say for sure if they were strawberry bushes.

Thinking I may have started them too late I decided to repeat my experiment but this time I put them in the ground in late fall of 2022, to let the seeds hibernate over winter and hopefully begin to sprout this spring.

I did the same with the seeds from my burning bush. I dropped them in a row hoping to create a hedge. If strawberry bushes and burning bushes grow this spring – I just may prep my soil and plant my tomatoes, green peppers and beans this fall for next year.

~ Here’s hoping whatever seeds you plant they will bare magnificent fruit!

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