While strolling with my morning coffee and pondering what to write I found myself enjoying the sun’s warmth. Leaves were scattered all around me, birds were making themselves known and as I looked up to the magnificent blue sky I found myself feeling very grateful to witness such a pleasant morning. And in my gratefulness I realised the opportunity provided with this site – I know how hard it is to get published if you don’t have previous work to show a publisher. It’s hard to get a record deal if you haven’t recorded any songs. So many of us wait for others to give us a break. And in our waiting we unconsciously feel a sense of rejection. It’s next to impossible to step into the future we want when our mood is low. So boost your spirit, lift yourself up with the drive and determination that is needed to open your own damn doors. My advice for today; use your talents and abilities and start doing what you enjoy most and appreciate the opportunity you have given yourself.

~ I hope this inspires you

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