Turning Dread to Wonder

While scraping my windshield this morning the dread of winter crept in my mind. Like falling dominoes more like-minded thoughts popped in my head to add more weight to the dreadfulness of the cold dark months ahead. Thoughts like; the clocks going back; and the diminishing daylight hours. As I continued to scrape my mind drifted in dread like a raft floating down a river. Then I stopped to take the time to notice the amazing pattern on my frosty windshield. The glistening sun created colourful prisms in the jagged ice. I suddenly became aware of my altered state, or rather, the change in my attitude. By simply noticing the beauty of the sparkling frost, a youthful thought stirred within me. I remember getting so excited for that first winter snow when I was a child. I used to wish for the snow. I couldn’t wait to put my snow suit on so I could go out to build a fort. Where did that enjoyment of winter go? Adulthood tends to steel our wonderment and replace it with a cynical knowledge. We know what’s in store. We know what to prepare for. We know what tasks are required. We know how hard and frustrating it can be. The dread of it all prevents us from noticing the beauty winter offers. This knowingness limits our experiences. We believe we can’t do this or that because of the snow. Oh the innocence of childhood. To see the frost and get excited for that first snowfall. Kids don’t know how to dread winter [yet]. They only know how to live in wonderment – they notice the beauty in front of them and anticipate the fun they will have playing in the snow. I hope you can take a moment today to toss any dreadfulness you may be feeling and instead seek wonderment in all your tasks ahead.

~ I hope this inspires you

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