A Penny For Your Thoughts

After we joyfully make a wish and playfully toss a penny in a wishing well we curiously watch where it lands before we walk away feeling satisfied.

It isn’t long before distractions consume our thoughts. Long line-ups at the check-outs, noisy traffic, the neighbour’s cat clawing at your garden, etc.

As days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into years we wonder where the time went and worse, we question what we accomplished in all that time.

A feeling of dissatisfaction looms overhead urging us to want more out of life. We focus our attention on strategies and plans. How can I get ahead? Where can I find the career I want? When will I be able to enjoy my life?

Then we remember that wish we made years before. We can still picture that penny resting on the bottom. We put so much hope, enthusiasm and excitement into that penny – then we walked away.

Just remembering the moment stirs joyful memories and boosts our spirit. Oh the satisfaction we could feel if that wish were to come true.

If we truly want to thrive, then we need to put our attention and energy on the things that we already know will bring us joy and satisfaction.

Make a wish, toss a penny and then work toward making that wish come true.

~ I hope this inspires you

2 thoughts on “A Penny For Your Thoughts

  1. Love it!! Hope all is well with all of you!! Just an FYI….Evan got accepted to NSCAD for the fall!! Super excited for him!!💕 Cheers!!


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