Flexing My Muscles

Trying new things seems to get harder with age, especially when it comes to high-tech gadgets and gizmos. But I knew I had to bite the bullet sometime. And late, is better than never.

Since March 2020, Covid has prevented me [understandably] from going into the schools to promote my books. I patiently waited over a year for an opportunity to do Author Reads of my children’s book; Did You Call For Me?

Not knowing when that day may arrive, I knew I had to look at other avenues. And today I can say that I have achieved success! [Well, that’s what the website told me, so I am taking their word for it]

I managed to create an e-book and uploaded it onto the kobo online bookstore.

Kobo Writing Life links ….


After uploading my children’s book, I went straight to work creating an ebook of my short story; Forever Green. Forever Green is now available as well.


So if I can manage to do that – then You too can step out of your comfort zone and try something new!!

~ I hope this inspires you

4 thoughts on “Flexing My Muscles

  1. This is awesome news Barb.. Good for you kiddo…I’m sure your book will be accepted readily. Again…awesome news!! Congratulations for having the nerve to step outside your comfort zone!!


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