Convenient Times

Looking back on my grandmother’s era it’s hard to believe how much society has advanced. She was born before cars were on the road and died shortly after the Blackberry made its debut.

All of our grandparents lived a hard life. They physically struggled. They worked so hard to make our lives better. I wonder if any of us really appreciate their efforts.

Most of us would love an opportunity to go back in time to experience their life style. A weekend of inconvenience is probably all most of us could handle. [Survivalists excluded of course.]

Think about it, using simple tools they cleared lands and farmed fields. They raised barns and dug wells. They rode horses through woods to get to the next town to buy and sell their goods. And what do we do?

We turn up the heat when we’re cold. We turn on the air conditioner when we’re warm. We turn on the tap if we’re thirsty. And, if we’re hungry; call Grub-hub.

It’s hard to appreciate all these modern day conveniences because we have grown so accustomed to them. We rely on them. And if reliance = needs. Needs = basic necessities. Then why doesn’t every third world country have these basic needs?

Are modern day “conveniences” considered luxuries or basic needs? Who decides?

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