Still No Mail

I don’t understand how a lack of money can be the reasoning behind the mail’s delay. I, and everyone else, have already paid for a service I/we did not receive. We all have to pay for postage before our mail will be delivered. If there is a back log of mail – there is also a back log of money stashed somewhere. If the issue is because Amazon and other businesses alike, haven’t paid the post office – again, I have to say, we have to pay Amazon before they will send our products. So Amazon and other businesses alike need to forward our prepaid fees to the post office so I/we can get my mail.

Where’s My Mail?

Typically, I receive my products in the mail within 5 business days. My order was shipped out [via mail] from the United States four weeks ago and it still hasn’t arrived. I can’t sell what I don’t have. And I am growing impatient.

I can’t help but consider if there may be some truth behind the new U.S. Postmaster collaborating with Trump to stall the mail. Slow it down so mail-in ballots will get lost in the mail. And, if the mail is too slow, people will eventually turn to other forms of delivery. And, coincidentally, this new Postmaster happens to own [or is connected to] more than one delivery service that could replace the US postal service. How convenient.

More vetting is necessary to assure there aren’t personal goals behind a businessman’s interest in the Postmaster position. Common sense causes me to consider this simple thought; if a businessman, who is invested in multiple businesses that involves delivery services, makes a trade deal – oops – I mean, donates excessive money to a campaign no doubt in the hopes of one day receiving a favour, such as, the position of Postmaster – wouldn’t it be to his benefit to slow down the mail delivery.

This slower than snail mail is affecting businesses who are already facing difficulties. Bills are not being delivered. Prescription medication is not being delivered. Products are not being delivered. Birthday cards, personal letters, legal documents, everyone is waiting for mail. Who is going to step in to assure the U.S. Postal Service hasn’t been secretly hi-jacked by a businessman whose own personal business competes with the Post Office?

Who Dun Its

I love a good conspiracy theory. JFK has to be my favourite. So many questions – so many layers – so many possibilities. Every angle has been explored – every theory put to the test – but still no definitive answer has been accepted. But then again, accepting an answer would put an end to the conspiracy theorists’ search.

Pondering is good – it allows us to explore the recesses of our minds. It helps us to delve deep into a topic – and if we are able to achieve the impossible; make 2 + 2 = 5; we experience an euphoric AH-HA moment that instantaneously empowers us. It’s the exhilarating affect that comes from breaking the code – unlocking the door and discovering the secrets!

There are many conspiracy theories out there. And though they are fun to explore, ponder and discuss – they can also create division among friends and family. Many people obsess over puzzles, spend fortunes searching for treasure and worse – lose themselves in the search.

If I told you a purple elephant was spotted in India, and I assured you it wasn’t hand-painted, and that it’s actually purple. And that it is the last of its kind and it is being protected in an undisclosed location. The search would soon begin. You would tell a friend, and then they would tell a friend. Questions would arise. What? When? Where? How? WHY? Someone would find a person who is familiar with this purple elephant, and they would claim to know where the purple elephant is being kept. And, like every conspiracy theory, during the initial search more information would be discovered, and before long this spider will grow more legs and suddenly it will become known to all that several unique animals – never known to us before – are being kept in a secret enclosure in a remote location.

If, in a years time from now, you were to come to me and tell me about a purple elephant that is being held in captivity, I would in-turn tell you it’s not true. My rejection may cause you to become defiant and hostile. And in protecting what you believe to be true, say something that could possibly end our friendship.

This is what some conspiracy theories do to people. The true believers are all in. Nothing can change their mind.

Experience – actual first-hand experience – is what we need to base our beliefs on. Information off the internet can be collected, gathered and recorded – but it is only information. Some of it may be true and a lot of it may be false.

To truly know something – we have to experience it first-hand. Otherwise, it is just a lot of information we learned from other people. A good example to use is the conspiracy theory around JFK’s assassination; unless we were there, on the grassy knoll in Dallas, when the shots were fired, any information we may have is just that – information. Some true, and some false. Everything else is based in suspicion and speculation.

Pondering is good. Exploring ideas is good. Investigating theories is good. Searching for information is good. Being concerned about something and deciding to look in to it is good. … But obsessively believing in something we don’t truly know whether it is fact or fiction just doesn’t seem practical or logical.

Some conspiracy theory believers have turned their backs on family and friends. Some will protect their beliefs with such passion that they make everyone around them feel uncomfortable and fearful of the erratic and unpredictable behaviour being displayed. They have chosen to believe in an unproven topic rather than those to which they are most familiar; their family. When clinging to an idea is more precious and valuable than holding on to loved ones – it’s time someone intervenes.

It is sad that a theory; an unproven thought – something we can’t see, hear or touch, can take the place of – or preference over – family and friends. This is the damaging affect some conspiracy theories can cause. Safely guard your beliefs. Our beliefs represent our morals, our values and our standards. They are precious and are all based in love. Any other form of belief is a falsehood – it is based on suspicion, judgement and fear.

Paddling Upstream

Paddling against the current gets you Nowhere, fast.

When the desire is strong, tunnel vision strengthens the will to over-power the ‘current’ situation. Determined to overcome the challenge, beat the odds, and win the battle, only exerts excessive energy that is no match to the force that resists all efforts. And the longer the struggle, the greater the chance of capsizing the canoe. [Hope you’re wearing a life-jacket.]

Paddling upstream seems to be the preferred choice for most leaders. They continue to stubbornly aim for their own personal goals that dramatically affects the masses. This is not an effective way to govern.

We are in a pandemic – a global pandemic – this is a time to stop and think effectively – not strive against the natural force of a virus. Or worse, deny it exists. This is a time to work together – it has to be a team effort. We all have to be on the same page in pursuit of the same goal; to eradicate the virus, not pursue personal goals. Being bored; sitting at home wishing you could travel, party, or gather with friends, is better than being in the hospital on a ventilator, or worse, dead.

What good is an economy if no one has a job? What good is a school if there aren’t any teachers who want to teach? What good is a hospital if we don’t have doctors or the proper medical equipment that is required during a pandemic?

If you own a business, find a way to operate without having multitudes of people walking through your doors. Give your employees incentive – allow them to be creative with new ways of doing business. Offer commissions. Offer bonuses. A business can’t run itself. Your staff is relying on you as much as you rely on them.

And if you are a CEO of restaurant chain and have stopped buying the products from the farmers you contracted to provide your meat, vegetables and dairy products – break the contract – allow those farmers to sell their beef, their grains and their milk to local vendors instead of forcing them to dispose of it because they are not allowed to sell to anyone but You. You didn’t buy it – let them sell it. There are people who are hungry and you are forcing farmers to pour out their milk!! Shame on you.

If you are a Principal of a school, or a Dean of a college or university, consider this; School Concerts – School Plays / Recitals – Code Red – Fire Drills – Schools have effectively coordinated programs before – it’s time to prepare another. Teachers lead students single file from the classroom to the auditorium during performances. And Teachers lead students single file outdoors during a fire drill. START TREATING THIS VIRUS LIKE A FIRE DRILL! Stay alert at all times and be prepared to act. Any school who opens their doors during a pandemic is inviting the virus to spread.

If you are a political leader, Health Care is not your forté. Get out of the canoe because you don’t know how to paddle in these waters. Your efforts have placed a greater burden on the struggle. And it is affecting all of us. Know when to give the paddle to someone who is actually qualified to get you safely to the shore.

What you do affects me. What I do affects you. Paddling upstream is getting us Nowhere, fast. We have to work together before we all tip the canoe. And if we refuse to wear a life-jacket [mask] because we feel it is a hindrance in our struggle to get upstream, we are all sure to drown.

Experience is Key

Two days prior to hurricane Isaias making landfall along Florida’s east coast, the President of the United States issued a state of emergency and the Florida Governor began the proper procedures for evacuation possibilities and shelter arrangements. The Governor stood at the podium with a no-nonsense serious tone and a professional-in-control attitude. BRAVO!

Why the urgency? Why the serious tone? Both the president and the governor have experienced hurricanes before and are aware of what immediate actions are required. They were on top of it – two days before it hit – they were organized and precise. They followed precautionary protocol and previous mandates that would protect and possibly save Floridians from the hurricane.

Use this for an example as to why people with pandemic experience should be the ones to lead and the ones who decide what mandates and procedures are essential during a global pandemic. And why those with no pandemic experience should heed their advice.

Non-experienced officials should always follow the lead of the experienced experts. Period. It is vital that we trust those who actually experienced a pandemic before – they’ve been through it – they’ve stopped other crisis in the past – they know what to do.

Stepping in to a field where you have zero expertise and zero experience will only cause more problems. A true leader knows when to put his pride aside, step back and allow the professionals, who have the experience, to lead them out of a crisis.

Discernment. We need to pay attention. We need to be able to know the difference between some one who knows what they are doing vs someone who is just ‘winging it’ – look back at Florida’s governor as he stood at the podium warning of in-coming hurricane. Listen to his words. See his confidence. A leader, a commander, stood at the podium that day. Now look back during the Spring Break and the weeks that followed when businesses began to re-open in Florida – that was not a leader speaking to the press – that was someone who was winging it – he allowed his pride to get in his way. His focus was on the economy. He was not focused on protecting Floridians from the pandemic storm that was about to hit. He arrogantly ignored the warnings.

Pride is an impediment during a pandemic. The world needs to listen to the true leaders, commanders, and experts on viruses who have YOUR SAFETY in mind – but more importantly – the rest of the world needs to follow the experts’ recommendations.

Meeting Others’ Needs

Meeting the needs of others can be a difficult task. Every parent tries to provide their best for their children, but unfortunately not all family members are ever completely satisfied. Someone’s needs, (from the perspective of the one in need) are ignored. Let’s expand the needs of one to the needs of a particular family – they may approach their city official for assistance and nine times out of ten, they are redirected to unreachable contacts. From a Mayor’s perspective, more times than not, meeting an individual family’s needs is next to impossible.

Being a Mayor involves broad decisions that are not going to satisfy many individuals.

Being a Governor involves broad decisions that are not going to satisfy many Mayors.

Being the current President of the United States involves decisions that are not meant to satisfy anyone but himself because his needs are more important than yours.

His ‘tremendous’ need to make the pandemic go away was his ‘ingenious’ reasoning behind stopping the daily briefings from his Task Force. This is an interesting theory; let’s try ignoring it, and then maybe it will simply go away. Oops, nope. The virus continues to spread ‘the likes to which no one has ever seen before.’

With the virus spreading and the death tole climbing the President desperately needs to inspire everyone. He doesn’t want to be reminded of a dreadful thing that needs his attention. He’s interested in others things such as creating a new narrative ~ ‘Liberate your cities! Open your schools,’ [because it’s imperative to my re-election that we bring the economy back before November.]

But still, the virus spreads. Unable to hold rallies, missing his audience and needing their attention and praise, the President decides to start holding briefings again. Yeah. Wait, what, where is the Task Force? Where are the charts? The stats? The facts?

Shh, here he comes. Standing at the podium he rhymes off numbers boasting of how this is ‘more than any other country has ever done before’ and then whines and complains, ‘Why doesn’t anybody like me?’

Someone needs to explain what NEEDS are all about. During a crisis, such as a pandemic, his needs are to be set aside so he can focus on meeting his country’s needs – that is what a president is supposed to do ~ duh.

Think about it, people are dying. Grandparents are dying in nursing homes and hospitals. Fathers and Mothers are entering hospitals and not coming out. Doctors and medical staff are dying. Parents are burying their children. Millions have lost their jobs. Thousands have shut down their businesses. And while the great majority of Americans are in great need mourning the loss of their loved ones, You, Mr. President want them to put their grievances aside and announce that they like you!

Mr. President, America doesn’t want or need a needy man at the helm – they need a leader. With your needs not being met you feel neglected, ignored, and victimized. You are too busy feeling sorry for yourself to care about others. America needs a provider, someone who is going to meet their needs.

If you don’t want to do your job step down and put Mitt Romney’s name on the ticket.

Painting Portraits

Words form images. We all like to paint a picture of ourselves, and others, for everyone to see. We carefully guide each stroke and then blend the colours to a muddy perfection. We speak proudly of our accomplishments, exaggerating all the fine points and hide what we don’t want seen in the shadows. Though we take great strides to highlight others’ failures. How is it that we can’t seem to see that our desire to persuade everyone to see only the pretty picture tilts the frame to such a degree that it teeters on the edge of falling.

When we put ourselves up on pedestals there is no where to go but down. There is an old saying; those who put themselves first will be last, and those who put themselves last, will be first.

Congressman John Lewis has been raised up and placed on a pedestal. It’s a reward for his life-time effort to bring equality to the nations. His voice will echo in our minds. His beliefs will be written in our hearts. And his legacy will last forever. He was a man of action. He lived what he spoke. His life, and his message has inspired the world.

Actions speak louder than words. Mere words can promise you the world, they can threaten you, and they can deceive you. Painting pretty pictures with promising words only lasts as long as the image can be held in the mind of others.

Sitting high on a self-made pedestal boasting of greatness that has not been achieved is a false image that is slowly withering away from the minds of many.

John Lewis grew up being pushed and shoved to the back while Donald Trump pushed and shoved his way to the front. Some are busy trying to remove Trump from his self-made pedestal, but most of us have turned our backs to focus our attention on raising up a man of honour, a man of dignity, a man of substance, a man who worked for the people, a man who was raised to stay out of trouble but knew how to get into Good Trouble.

God rest your soul John Lewis. Your words will stay with me always and they will help me to try to do better.

Curve the Enthusiasm

To limit the spread of the Corona Virus, Canadians restricted their movements. ONE designated shopper was assigned by each household to go out ONLY for essentials. Hair and nail appointments are not essential. Gathering in bars is not essential. Political Rallies are only essential to one person; the candidate.

Yes, EVERYONE wants to get out and enjoy the summer – but wants and needs are two different things. What is needed in the states is for everyone to make small sacrifices and do their part by only going out if it is necessary.

Many Canadian Businesses were able to stay open by limiting the number of people in their stores. Stores designated an hour or two in the morning for Senior Citizens to shop alone. Most restaurants were able to stay open by offering take out only.

Many Canadian Businesses allowed their employees to work from home – and many are still working from home now.

As the curve slowly began to drop “bubbles” were allowed. Two households could meet outside but must keep their distance. You were not permitted to socialize outside your bubble. As the curve continued to drop “bubbles” were increased to 10 people and then 15. No one was supposed to have multiple bubbles. Those 10/15 people were it. As the curve dropped more, the number of people increased to 25 then a maximum of 50 outdoors – but not indoors. No indoor events were allowed. That’s just common sense.

This is a time to get creative with your business. Find new ways of ‘doing business’. The old way of opening your doors to the public is not wise in the middle of a pandemic. You can’t “Liberate your States” by allowing the virus to spread more easily. This will actually confine a lot of people to hospitals.

The economy will return – it always does – and what good is a healthy economy when everybody is sick and no one is able to work, or shop. Nothing will stop the virus from spreading other than everyone making an effort to actually stop the virus from spreading.

Rallies in February, [and June and July] and Florida’s Spring Break were cesspools for the virus to spread. I get it, priorities were key. The President wanted to get his campaign going – that was his only concern and Florida didn’t want to miss out on the HUGE tourist attraction that brings tons of money into Florida every year. But this is where individual WANTS overrode the public NEEDS. A responsible consideration should have been explored. One question should have been the priority; What is a pandemic and who does it affect? Knowing the answer to this question – would have saved a lot of businesses from shutting down, a lot of employees from losing their jobs, a lot of families from losing their homes, and many lives could have been saved.

Before schools are “liberated” and opened for business – consider what most teachers and parents of young children know – EVERY fall, multitudes of children bring home a cold from school, lice from school, or a flu bug from school and it travels throughout the entire household. No one knows how ‘immune’ children are to covid because children have been home all summer. Ask a simple question; How can we prevent the virus from spreading in the schools? Answer this question effectively before you open doors.

The main focus has to be stopping the virus before you can focus on re-starting the economy.

To every business struggling right now consider this – there are millions of unemployed people looking for work. Eager to find a job. Hook up with each other. You may not be able to pay them now – but be creative – work on consignment – if their ideas sell – pay them their fair share. Take pictures of your inventory, catalogue everything and post them online. Hire drivers to deliver your goods so customers don’t have to shop in-store. Ban together with other businesses and strategize – come up with a new business plan – many people would want to participate in the rebuilding of the economy.

If you are unemployed and are looking for work – NOW IS YOUR TIME! Get excited about your future. Prospects may look grim right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t pave your own road ahead. You have a natural talent – everybody does – what comes easy to you? Create HOW TO videos and upload them on Youtube. Are you able to sing, draw, build, design, do machine work, home-care, cook, write? You have something that others don’t. You could be their inspiration. Are you willing to share your talent? You are capable of something – what is it? BUILD ON IT. Ask yourself “How would I want to spend my days? If I had the ultimate job, what would it be?” Don’t stop there. Keep asking yourself questions. “What could I start doing right this second that would put my natural talents and abilities to use?” You don’t need money. You don’t need an office. All you need is a little courage to OFFER YOUR SERVICES to someone.

Good luck – wear a mask and I’ll keep praying for ya

Pollyanna’s World

Oh to live in a world where beauty, peace and harmony surrounds me every day. To awaken in a place where the sun is always shining and the birds are always singing. What a wonderful world that would be.

This dreamy-hope filled-wish for a wonderful life makes me and many others turn a blind eye to the happenings going on around us. Another power bill ~ don’t open it. Turn the channel that’s depressing ~ these things bring feelings of dread and conflict with our desire to feel content.

Ignoring what is happening in our lives is not aiming to live a happy life, it’s avoiding life. Merely wanting a fantastical life to suddenly appear all wrapped up with a beautiful bow is unrealistic ~ even Amazon can’t deliver that!

Oh, but what if I had a magic wand that could sprinkle pixie dust of pleasantries and joyfulness all over the earth. What a wonderful world that would be.

No, I think it’s time I and many others have to realize that Pollyanna’s World doesn’t exit. It’s only a dream. A fantastic wish that let’s us escape from reality.

We all wish for great things to happen in our lives. But wishing isn’t doing. Wanting isn’t getting. Change doesn’t happen until we decide to take that first step.

Step one; Avoid avoidance; open your bills – pay what you can and contact those you can’t. A sense of relieve will wash over you – this is one added pressure that will be lifted the moment you hang up the phone.

Step two; Don’t flip the channel; mute it and listen to your thoughts. Find out why you don’t want to see what’s happening on the news. Who knows, you may have a solution to the world’s problems ~ stillness and silence has provided sound advice to thousands of people around the world.

Step three; Acceptance; you are not as content as you would like to be. No one is. Find one thing you can change within your daily routine ~ start walking; clean out a closet; start a new hobbie – something you always wanted to do. These little things will re-awaken enthusiasm; the inherent spark that allows energy to pour into our veins and birth new life, and new purpose within us.

Step four; Step outside your comfort zone; go outside your circle; join a group; let yourself be interested in other people and cultures rather than trying to be interesting. You will soon realize the world outside your circle can be ‘comfortable’ once you allow yourself to be familiar with it.

Experiencing something new is magnificently revealing. It’s learning through living. We aren’t simply seeing something on tv or hearing something on the radio, we are tuned in and completely involved. All of our senses are awake while something new is happening all around us. Experience is our greatest teacher – it changes our view and helps us to see things differently. It alters our narrow-minded opinion into a much broader perspective that is based on knowledge and wisdom. Experience builds character and improves our lives. Mere opinions keep us sheltered in a world of constant complaints and non-factual criticisms. Remember the old saying; You will never truly know … until you try it. Listen to complaints – are the views based on a story from an actual experience or are they based in the fear of the unknown?

Step five; Find your passion; you had a vision of Pollyanna’s World – that’s your ideal – so how would you [if you could] create this world for everyone to experience? What makes it impossible? What is stopping you? What or who is in the way? Corona virus? Racial tension? If you were to pick one of these as your cause for social betterment, what natural talents and abilities do you have that could help eradicate one of these or both? What solution could you possibly imagine?

Betterment for all should always be our ideal wish, but we tend to get wrapped up in our own issues. Most of us feel helpless. Most of us wish all the bad stuff would go away. Few people feel they have anything to offer. But together we can change the world.

Whatever choice you make, what ever path you choose, you will naturally [seemingly magically] meet others with the same mind set, wish, and goals. This is our spirit who is magnetically connected to others who have the same hopes and dreams in mind. We are drawn to each other like magnets. We are never alone when we step out intending to help heal the world.

You and I are not worlds apart in our thoughts. Collectively we have all wished for a better world. Few realize that our wish has been granted. The universe has presented us with a gift “Here ya go, this is what you all wished for.” But the box was not presented in a beautiful package. It was split at the seams and has busted wide open before any of us were able to peak inside. It may not be what was expected and it certainly is messy. It’s in a trillions pieces scattered all across the world and there was no instruction manual enclosed.

A decision has been placed before us. We could avoid the task of trying to put this puzzle together, or we could attempt to stuff everything back in the box [even though we know it will never go back in the same way] and put it away so we can deal with it ‘later’.

How badly do we want a better world? How much effort are we willing to put in? My uncle always told me, “The amount of effort you put in will show in the result ~ effort in = result. No effort ~ no result. And a ‘good enough’ attitude just isn’t good enough.”

So here is my platform and this is my effort to assist [hopefully] and partake in the Black Lives Matter movement.

We’ve heard a lot of talk about “Privilege” lately. A term many people feel offended by or possibly don’t understand. Privilege to me is having so much money you don’t have to worry about paying bills. Privilege is not having to work for a living. Privilege is not having to do housework because someone else does it for you. Privilege is being able to board an air plane and travel at your leisure. The only “privileged” people I know of are those of the rich and famous. When 90% of the world is struggling to pay bills and are living paycheck to paycheck feeling “privileged” doesn’t come to mind.

I think what is meant by the term ‘privileged’ is; the ability to walk out your door and not feel threatened by society or immediately labelled with the assumption of being bad; a potential problem; or an endangerment to others, and; the ability to apply for a job and the chance of you getting that job is greater if you are white, and; applying for a loan at a bank to buy a house or a car for your family and not be rejected on the suspicion that you won’t pay back the loan. I see an automatic distrust as a common theme and that is racist.

It certainly is a privilege to be assumed or labelled as being trustworthy and thereby able to do these things without fear or concern. Although I know a lot of white people who I don’t trust as far as I could throw them – and Trump is at the top of that list.

Living worlds apart we have created our own social circles and have lost touch with reality. We don’t see how people outside our circles live and what they struggle with. Every household has a different struggle. The Hendersons have money issues, the Jacobsons have business issues, the Smiths are dealing with divorce and somebody has to do something with the Coles, those kids have no respect for other peoples’ property…

But what if every family on the block had the same issue? What if every member of every family were all sick from contaminated water? Someone would have to come in and fix it immediately.

Let’s extend past one city block and look at the entire black society.

What if every black family had to deal with; the inability to walk out their door without feeling threatened by society; or immediately labelled with the assumption of being bad; a potential problem; or an endangerment to others, and; what if every black family was unable to apply for a job because they were rejected the minute they asked to fill out an application, and; who were rejected by multiple banks on the suspicion that the loan wouldn’t be repaid? Here we have a blatant and unapologetic distrust aimed at one group of people which in any dictionary is labelled as, Racism.

Welcome to the real world. Is this how you dreamed your world would turn out?

Oh, but if you were living in Pollyanna’s World, you wouldn’t want to acknowledge these problems exit. Oh what a wonderful world that must be.